This is a new one for me...

I have collaborated, once again, with the wonderful people at Yoga Journal. I was honored when they asked me to be featured on the cover and even more excited when I heard that I would have my hometown skyline as my backdrop. In this issue, there is a short interview and I also share an essay on the healing structure, and multi-sensory approach, to improving the quality of our lives through Ashtanga Yoga practice. Looking forward to seeing you soon. XO Erika

My first contributions to the Yoga Journal

I was recently asked to contribute to the Yoga Journal. I have long resisted putting myself out in the world this way, but hopefully this will be received as it was offered - humbly and with heartfelt gratitude for these amazing, life-changing practices.

You can see all of my offerings here, or pick up the March 2018 issue of the Yoga Journal

Please enjoy and let me know if there are other topics that interest you...or if you have any questions at all.



My first attempt at journalism...

I was surprised and thrilled to be a part of this new publication, The Purist.  Cristina asked me to step well outside of my comfort zone and interview a woman I have long admired, Christy Turlington Burns. Please enjoy our conversation about health, helping others and cultivating, and sustaining, a rich connection to ourselves.

It is often said that the reason we practice yoga is so that we may be of service to others. I feel Christy has done just this...I hoped her journey would inspire us to rediscover how interconnected we all are and encourage us to use our lives to uplift the lives of others.