Join us at Casa Violeta, where we will enjoy life changing yoga practices, exceptional food, uplifting community, the Caribbean sea, the silky sand and the subterranean magic of Tulum


February 9-14, 2020

It’s a pretty simple schedule -

  • wake up to unbelievable sunrises (right outside the door to your cabaña)

  • light fruit and freshly brewed coffee and assorted teas

  • dynamic morning asana practice; an unforgettable brunch

  • free time to explore, to play, to relax, to wander

  • an afternoon snack which highlights local food culture

  • optional fitness fun

  • evening subtle practices (breathing exercises; sound vibration; an introduction to classical yoga philosophy and meditation)

  • dinner (a group dinner on the first night, after that you are free to explore all the deliciousness that Tulum has to offer)

  • rest

  • …..and repeat for several days.

Fly into Cancun, an hour long drive to Tulum and then take off your shoes and settle in…

Specific pricing TBD - Single Occupancy starting at $3150; Double Occupancy starting at $1820; this year a full triple rooms will be available at a reduced rate, starting at $1500

A non-refundable deposit of $800 to reserve your space. Right now, direct flight from NYC to Cancun are under $400.

Full details will be available shortly.